Monday, November 14, 2011

Programming Resume Checklist

Some things to consider when crafting your first resume for a
systems programming position. Some of these tips don't apply to
resumes with lots of experience, or resumes for high-level
programming positions.
  • Experience: If it doesn't help with this job, don't put it on your
    resume. I don't want to know if you scuba dive, or if you're an
    eagle scout.
  • Tools or Techniques: If it doesn't help with this job, don't put
    it on your resume. I don't care if you know Windows 7, Photoshop,
    or PHP.
  • You should be able to answer detailed questions about your
    previous roles and projects.
  • You should understand hardware. I look for computer architecture
    related terms, and C programming experience.
  • I try to avoid resumes which mention a lot of "architecture." I
    may assume that you like playing with pretty diagrams.
  • If you put a website on your resume, it had better be pretty, and
    not created with Microsoft FrontPage.
I'm weary of people using the following key words:
Looking up stuff on Google isn't analysis.
You don't "design" tic-tac-toe.
Don't put it on your resume unless extraordinary.
Be prepared to answer detailed questions about your responsibilities and how you contributed.
You can support by writing documentation, testing, or getting coffee.
Is there a book out there telling people to say "utilize a spoon", rather than "use a spoon"?
Additional verbs people use to fluff up a position: address, aide,
assist, collaborate, coordinate, distribute, instruct, investigate,
maintain, maximize, optimize, prepare, recommend, resolve,
supervise, verify.